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Monday 14 November 2016
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How to generate, analyze, manipulate networks in Java ? Here is a panorama (not exhustive) of the existing libraries.


The JUNG framework ( manages the storage of networks as Java objects, basic statistical analysis, generation of classic examples, 2D and 3D displays (but this part is outstanded by the prefuse library). The classes for network storage and manipulation are well designed.


The prefuse library ( displays networks up to thousands of nodes in a quiet fuid way with minimal sourcecode. Nice dynamic force-directed layout. High CPU use. Uses Java2D layer, thus requires OpenGL or Direct2D compatibility for fluidity. The prefuse lib is unchanged since several years but remains operational. The flare library corresponds to a Flash release of Prefuse.


GraphStream ( is the most recent, and probably efficient, Java library for creating interactive networks displays. Also includes basic network generators and statistical analysis.


Gephi ( also publishes its graphical capabilities as libraries.

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