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Monday 14 November 2016
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How, where to save graphs and networks ?
The classical solution is to store graphs into files using formats as interoperable as possible; yet more and more databases are proposed to store and explore networks.

File formats for storing networks

see many formats described in the gephi website.


First case without weights for a mixed network

Second case without weights for a mixed network

Thrid case with weights for a mixed network



The graph6 and sparse6 file formats (, proposed by Brendan McKay, are very efficient for large networks (dense resp. sparse). The result is not human-readable, and requires a tool to "unflat" the network (see showg from the nauty package above).



Neo4j was specially designed for storing networks:
a NoSQL database, Java,
* Wikipedia page:

Neo4j databases can be viewed with Gephi, or online (

less famous

  • Bigdata
  • CloudGraph
  • Cytoscape
  • DEX
  • Filament
  • GraphBase
  • Graphd
  • Horton
  • HyperGraphDB
  • InfiniteGraph
  • InfoGrid
  • OrientDB
  • sones GraphDB
  • VertexDB
  • Virtuoso Universal Server
  • R2DF
  • GiraffeDB
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